International Congress on Cultural Mapping: Linking Heritage (Tangible and Intangible) and Creative Tourism

The Call for Papers for the International Congress on Cultural Mapping: Linking Heritage (Tangible and Intangible) and Creative Tourism is open. 

Deadline: 15. July. 2018

All interested academics, researchers, PhD students and practitioners are invited to submit proposals (papers or posters) in Portuguese or English. Two main approaches are preferably suggested:

Mapping intangible heritage on the web. We welcome proposals that explore the theoretical and methodological approaches, emphasising issues and challenges faced, including community engagement and the impact of such projects in policymaking and society.

Using cultural mapping in tourism planning. We welcome proposals that explore the following topics: 
•    Cultural mapping in the framework of UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
•    Participative cultural mapping approaches
•    Intangible and emotional mapping
•    Cultural mapping in rural areas
•    Augmented reality and mapping 
•    Qualitative GIS

Guidelines for submissions

Deadline: 15th of July 2018
Information required for submissions:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Place of employment/study
  • Brief resume of no more than 150 words (biographical notice, main publications or achievements)
  • Type of proposal: Paper/Poster. Papers are standard 20-minutes presentations. Posters (max. 1,70 m high and 0,70 cm large) will be on display for two days during the congress. Poster sessions will be scheduled according to 5-minute presentations per poster
  • Title of your paper/poster 
  • Abstract of no more than 500 words (for papers and posters). Abstracts should present the topic or main argument and demonstrate scientific quality through references to a theoretical framework, the methodologies, and outline main contributions to knowledge. A list of bibliographic references (no more than 15) should also be added. The instructions from Emerald for writing a structured abstract can be useful:

For submissions please write to:

For more information see the congress website, here.

A Book of abstracts will be produced. Additionally, all authors are invited to submit full papers by revising their presentations following conference discussions. Full papers will be selected based in a rigorous peer review process to be included in a publication planned for 2019.

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